Kingdom Principles for Destiny Fulfilment Vol.1

The book in your hand is a destiny enhancer. Don’t drop the book until you have gone through every dot and line of it. In this book are hidden principles and divine secrets to ensure fulfilment of your destiny. I therefore recommend this book as a must-read for you, your loved ones and everyone around you. The kingdom of God is a kingdom that works or functions by covenant principles and practices. In the kingdom of God, waiting without working is wasting away without knowing it. Any time you borrow from others, you are carrying the weight of debt and until you repay your debt, that burden or debt is not removed. The covenant of the kingdom only works for those who practice the covenant understanding the principles, as well as practice of the covenant principles, are crucial to maximizing your harvest in the kingdom of God.

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Kingdom Principles For Destiny Fulfillment: Vol 1
Evangelist Andy Ikekhide


Dr. Evangelist Andy Ikekhide

Andy Ikekhide is an engineer by profession, an entrepreneur by practice, a minister of the Gospel by Grace, and a humanitarian by divine assignment. He is the President of TGC NETWORK INC. (aka) The Great Commission (TGC)
Christian Network, a global evangelistic ministry with operational presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Ghana.

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Award of Leadership Excellence in Engineering
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