Exploits of Grace

In some of my recent teachings, I said that GRACE does not travel alone. It always goes with FAVOUR. Today, I want to talk briefly about the EXPLOITS OF GRACE.

I am not going to spend time defining what GRACE is, because GRACE is not in definition but in manifestation.

The person with GRACE does not struggle for identity because there is a Fragrance that compels him or her to be known by reason of the weight of GRACE he/she carries. This fragrance is the fragrance of FAVOUR. It is the self announcing identity of GRACE. That is why you cannot carry GRACE and end in disgrace because favour will always speak for you. GRACE will always give you flavour of FAVOUR.

You cannot carry the fragrance and flavour of FAVOUR and not command ATTENTION and ATTRACTION in your generation because people smell favour around you even from afar.

Another interesting thing about GRACE is that it has a voice that speaks on behalf of its carrier in a way that compells things to fall in pleasant places.

When GRACE speaks for you, your voice will be heard in places you have not been to because their is a divine amplifier to your voice. That is why your voice is heard because GRACE gives weight to your word to make it impactful.

The reason people are not listening to you is not because you are not saying the right thing, but that your words do not carry weight for impact and therefore becomes empty words. But when someone with GRACE speaks exactly the same word, it carries so much weight to the point that it becomes a reference point all over the place.

The voice of GRACE is what compels favour to the carrier of GRACE.

Only the one with GRACE has the voice of GRACE that can speak in your absence as if you are present and speak in your presence as if you are the only person that qualifies even when you are not qualified because GRACE qualifies the unqualified.

It is imperative to note that GRACE announces itself. It is self anouncing and it’s announcement of GRACE compels FAVOUR and HONOUR.

Don’t struggle for people to know you but pay the price to know God and God will give you Grace that cannot be hidden but will compel the world to know you at the frequency of the Grace you carry.

Unfortunately GRACE cannot be delegated it can only be contacted by connection to vessels with higher GRACE.

If you delegate it, it results in disgrace because if the other person does not carry GRACE he does not have the voice of GRACE.

The voice of GRACE is not about what you say or how you say it but what the other person hears.

You may speak nonsense but the voice of GRACE will cause the other person to hear a level of sense and not the nonsense that you spoke.

The good thing is that one can grow positively in GRACE and be full of GRACE. One can also grow negatively in GRACE (decrease in GRACE) to the the point of being empty of GRACE.

This is because GRACE is in measure …saving GRACE, great GRACE…fullness of GRACE etc.

Therefore, I must submit that it is better to carry GRACE to avoid disgrace in life!!!

May you continually grow endlessly in GRACE in Jesus name.

God bless you. Jesus is Lord!

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