Inspired to Aspire

Today, I am greatly inspired to aspire to stir up the deposit of grace in me as well as connect to higher Grace so as to experience a higher level of fulfillment in life and ministry.

Like Dr Paul Enenche said “ When you give life all it takes, life will give you all it contains “

I also urge you to take a deeper and insightful look at your life, especially the areas you seem to be having challenges. It is possible or probable that God is pointing you to such area of life that you are created to solve to impart your generation.

Like I have said before , until you can do more than what others are doing, you cannot see more than what others are seeing. It is all about your personal decision and discipline to make a difference in life.

I know that there are levels of connections to higher Grace that can change your life and make you a wonder and amazement to your world!

The result of such connection to higher Grace is such that, what takes others many years to achieve through perspiration and desperation, will only take you little time to achieve by inspiration, revelation and impartation of Grace.

I urge you to also get inspired to aspire for greater heights today. Divine lifting is possible to them that can take responsibility to do beyond what others are doing.

I Welcome you to a new level of divine lifting by purpose and pursuit in life.

God bless you.

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