My Notes on Giving

1. You are not empty, because God did not create you empty. Therefore, there is something you can give.

2. The worth of your giving is not in its volume, but in its value to you. Don’t give the LEFTOVER that has no value. Give that which is VALUABLE to you.

3. The reward of giving is tied to your motivation and motives. People give valuable seed for the wrong motives and they loose their reward before God.

4. Let everything you give be a seed you SOW. Where, S stands for SACRIFICIAL, your seed must be sacrificial. Must cost you something. O stands for OBEDIENCE. You must not give to please anyone but give in obedience to God. W stands for WORSHIP. Your giving should be done as an act of worship to God and not as a burden.

5. Do not give by force or out of sympathy or sentiment or grudgingly.

That is the cheapest way to loose your reward. Give joyfully and cheerfully.

6. There is joy in giving. If you have given and you loose your joy, you have either given wrongly, given the wrong seed or given to the wrong place. The joy is the conveyor of reward, if there is no joy, there is no reward.

7. Not everything that comes your way as a fruit is to be eaten completely. Inside what is in your hand is a fruit to eat and a seed to sow. It is wisdom to sow the seed, so that you can harvest more fruit but if you eat the seed and the fruit, dryness is not far away.

8. The reward of giving comes by faith. After you have given, put your faith in God and not in any mortal man. And God can decide to use anyone to be a blessing to you. Guard your faith and your seed! They are key to your harvest in the kingdom.

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