The Danger of Being Always Right and Others Always Wrong

Thank God for this message by Dr Paul Enenche on offense free heart for healthy living .

In this end time in which we live , the devil seems wiser and more crafty in his end time game .

The devil knows that Christians know so well that fornication , adultery , telling lies and such obvious sins are so obvious that genuine Christians run away from them . So the devil knows that if he presents all these , he looses market because he will have no sales of ticket to hell .

He therefore has decided what my pastor Lawrence Timothy taught me this morning as the little little foxes !!

These little little foxes creep into lives unnoticed and attacks the heart like cancerous growth .

The danger is that most people who have these destructive foxes do not always realize that they do . They think they know it all more than others , they ignorantly see themselves as always right and others always wrong .

That is why apology is hardly found to come genuinely from some people when they go wrong because the little fox of inside make them see nothing wrong with what they have done but can easily see many things wrong with what other people do .

Some of these foxes are unforgiveness , pride , self righteousness and deception (half truth ) .

There are people that may not tell you a lie but inside what they say is not the whole truth . They only tell you what I call chapter 1 that Favours then and leave out chapter 2 where they did wrong .

The motive is to make you think and see things the way they want you to see things and not the way they truly are . That is deception . It originated from the serpent in the garden of eden . People do this because they want to be seen as always right and never wrong .

That is why God does not only judge our actions but our MOTIVES, INTENTIONS as well as our ACTIONS

I was in a meeting and spiritual leaders where to be appointed and someone in authority rose up and disqualified spiritually qualified candidates simply because of personal offenses in the black book of his heart .

It is not right to write-off people because of personal offenses . If Jesus wrote -off peter because he lied and denied him to his face , peter would have missed his place in the evangelistic move of the apostles

There are many people that have black book in their hearts where offenses of people are recorded . This is not good

There are women leaders that do not answer greetings of some sisters because of perceived offenses whether real or imaginary .

The devil knows that this is a booming market to sell tickets to hell . He has therefore employed many sisters and brothers to the market of gossip, false accusations and back bitting against their fellows for selfish or no reasons .

There are people that take delight in telling people what they want to hear even if it is wrong they call it right so that it will look right . Beloved , wrong is wrong no matter who is doing it .

It is time for us all to be wiser than the devil . If we as Christians find it difficult to see when we go wrong and have difficulty in saying we are sorry to someone offended , we need to check our Christianity not by the mouth of our praise singers but by the standard of the word and the spirit of God .

The standard of God is what remains true and not the explanation of men .

It is better do things that put the devil to shame so that God can take the glory

we must not always prove to be wise every time or win an augment every time or even Seen to be right every time !

sometimes we have to accept to be wrong , not because we are wrong but so that the devil can be proved wrong and God proved right .

If this post poses an offense to you , please follow Dr Enenche’s counsel , forgive me .

If it is a blessing let God know that you love him enough to let all offenses go away for the sake of the kingdom .

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