The Poem of Life


Lust of the flesh is not love at all
It takes your lust to be lost in life
Beware of lust of flesh and eyes
It’s cheapest way to be lost to hell

It takes few moments to lust in heart
It takes a few glimpse and thoughts uncontrolled
But it leads to regrets and pains for life
When you allow the lust to burn your heart

There’s a way out to the lust of the flesh
It is the medicine of the word
As you meditate and feed on the word of God

The word of God is the word of life
The lust of flesh is the trap of sin
A trap it is as it comes with bait
the bait of pleasure that leads to hell

There’s no strong person when it comes to lust
Don’t toil with it and the fire of it
It will consume your life and take your joy
You will loose your joy and Peace with God

The gain of lust is not worth the pains
You can’t miss the pains when you take the gains
It pain with life in hell and death

If you are entrapped by lust and sin of flesh
You can free you life from lust today
If you surrender to God with all your heart
To live and preach the word of life

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