The Power of Focus

We live in a world of choices and our choices inform our decisions and our decisions result in our disposition.

The power of focus is the power to forget things that are behind or beside and give whole attention to the things that are ahead.

It is the power to choose the right alternatives out of available situation based on what has the ability to enhance your life objectives and goals with excellence and distinction.

You can make a choice to focus on your focus until you become a focus in your generation

In other words, until you learn to be a person of focus only on things that matter , you cannot make a difference on the earth.

This is becsuse the world we live in is full of distractions and distractors. These are the greatest enemies of progress in life and aspirations.

As a matter of fact, DISTRACTION and DISTRACTORS are natural bystanders on the pathway of progress .

The goal of every distraction and distractor is to entice , lure , gravitate and deceive you to make you loose focus and be irrelevant in life

You cannot be a global focus in your assignment if you do not have a personal focus on the assignment. Do not struggle to be known . Just know your assignment, focus on your assignment and the world will be compelled to know you by reason on impart and result

The more you focus the more you generate positive energies to accomplish your assignment.

Whereas lack of focus does not only deplete your positive energy, it generates negative energies which can drag your entire life to a halt.

Therefore choose to be focused on your assignment no matter the distraction because distraction is the pathway to destruction

Choose to be quiet and consciously ignore distracting issues, no matter the pressure. When you do not give them attention they will locate another victim. Each time you refuse to be a victim to distraction, you become a Victor in the game of focus

Choose to be silent when confronted with malicious and venomous array of words, no matter the source and pressure of provocation.

No athlete ever wins in a competitive race, if he/she takes his/her eyes off the finish line in order to respond to cheers or boo of bystanders.

Make a choice today to connect, contact and utilise the POWER OF FOCUS to make a difference in your life.

God gave you neck that can turn so that turn it away from distraction and turn to to focus on things that matter in life
God gave you eyes lids that can blink to close or open your eyes so that you can choose to consciously close your eyes to distraction and open your eyes to things that matter in life

No matter the matter , you have a choice to make to be relevant in life and that is the choice to embrace the power of focus .

God bless you.

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