Cry in Prayer

I have heard many cry in prayers for God to bless them .

Unfortunately they do not know that blessing is not a seed but a fruit of harvest and like every other seed, blessing does not respond to your prayers, it only responds to covenant practice of seed time and harvest .

Part of the covenant practice is for you to consciously make yourself a channel of blessing to others!

I also hear some people complain that they have nothing to offer but they do not realize that inside that “nothing” is a seed of great things.

Until you sow a seed, you never reap the fruit.

God will not give to you what you will not allow to flow through you to bless others.

No reservoir receives fresh content until its content flows out of it

Choose to be a river that flows out to bless others instead of withholding the flow like a pond or a lake

The reality is that every river that flows out continually does not lack freshness but the one that does not flow out stinks

I urge you to be a channel of blessing to someone today and see how God will bless you beyond measure.

I equally urge you to look beyond your present circumstances and make your self a channel of blessing to others.

God does not owe any body . He is is too faithful to fail . He have never failed before , he cannot fail today , He cannot fail for ever . If you choose to obey Him to be a blessing to the needy today , He will reward you beyond your imagination.

Trust God and be a blessing to someone today

God bless you

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