Wisdom Nugget for Married Men


I posted this a year ago and I found it so much relevant even today , hence this repost with minor modifications

1) Your wife is part of your life , love her like you love your life . As you know, no one can read your mind, so do not expect her to know what is in your mind. let her know you love her by demonstrating it in words, action and deed. Tell her you love her , not as greeting but as a heart felt expression with emotion

2) Do not let your goal be to win your opinion and your wife loses her opinion in any conversation but let your goal be to listen to your wife to understand her concerns inside of her opinion so that through open communication, both of you can win.

3) How things are presented matters alot in marital conversation . where issues are not presented in right manner by your wife, instead of going into argument , try and be quite until a time that the atmosphere is not tense . This is not weakness but strength in deed.

4) where you have been overly involved in arguing certain issues with your wife , embrace a change of approach today. No one wins an argument and never aim or desire to win any argument with your wife.

5) try to build better understanding with her. Don’t forget , When any other woman or man prays for you , sometimes, they may do so for what they want to get or gain from you but when your wife prays for you , she does it with her heart and genuinely.

PLease do all you can to always celebrate your wife because your wife is part of your life

God bless you . I am sure one day , my wife will write on wisdom nugget for women so that the home front can have “balanced diet”

Your home comes first before your ministry and no matter how anointed you are , if you neglect your family and fail to make your home a heaven on earth , you have failed indeed because anointing does not cover negligence!

God bless you and your home

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