A Secret of Winners

In order to be a winner in life, Please note that it is not what you do occasionally that makes a difference in your life and productive outcomes but what you do CONSISTENTLY.

In other words, To finish well in the race of life is to stay consistent in doing well and doing what is right in a consistent manner.

I have learned by experience that It is better to take little but consistent steps in the right direction than to make one occasional giant step without consistency of purpose.

I want you to know that I’m the world of champions, Consistency is the fuel of focus and focus is the making of stars in any area of endeavors

I know there may be some challenges on your way but a consistent mind focuses on the joy of the destination instead of the challenges along the way of the journey.

The good thing is that The challenges are not programmed to ground you but to groom you for locating, harvesting and harnessing the seed of greatness inside of you.

If you do not give up too soon, You greatness will show up very soon. So stay focused and remain consistent all the way.

The truth of life and in life is that there are no champions without challenges and there are no STARS without their SCARS.

So Never be scared of the wind on your sail in the journey of life. If you align your mind of faith to God, the same wind that truncates the journey of others will actually work for you and propel you to the fast lane of life.

I have learned in life that, you fail does not make you a failure but you only become a failure when you refuse to get up and shake off the dust to begin more intelligently without losing sight of your destination.

The truth is that Many successful people of today have their stories of failures in their past but the story of the failure of yesterday does not define their success of today but it is the glory in their story becomes their identity that people know today

. If you give up and refuse to get up, your journey will only end in a story and not in glory. Only those you refuse to give up actually experience the glory when others tell their stories

The joy of the race is the glory of finishing well

So, never give up, always get up, shake up, shape up and show up again and again until you embrace the crown of glorious finishing.

The ultimate PRIZE for winning is only for those who pay the PRICE of consistency, persistence and purposeful mindset of winning.

Till I come your way again with another edition of MOMENT OF GLORY, I am your regular anchor,

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