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You are not helping God by Forgiving others but you are actually are helping yourself. In other words, Forgiving someone else is more beneficial to you than the person that has offended you. It takes a great burden off you to let go of yesterday in order to create a glorious future for yourself. It …

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Wisdom Tonic

WISDOM TONIC FOR THE DAY Giving excuses for failure does not change it from the failure it is. Failure is failure no matter the excuse or reasons for the failure Justifying your failure because other people failed does not mean that there are no people who succeeded where you failed. Everybody may fail but you …

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Exploits of Grace

In some of my recent teachings, I said that GRACE does not travel alone. It always goes with FAVOUR. Today, I want to talk briefly about the EXPLOITS OF GRACE. I am not going to spend time defining what GRACE is, because GRACE is not in definition but in manifestation. The person with GRACE does …

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A Person of Grace

Someone asks this question: What does one do to deliberately be a person of Grace? Response is this : 2 Peter 1:2 KJV Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord, 1. Knowledge of God is the secrets of Grace and Grace is the secret behind …

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My Notes on Giving

1. You are not empty, because God did not create you empty. Therefore, there is something you can give. 2. The worth of your giving is not in its volume, but in its value to you. Don’t give the LEFTOVER that has no value. Give that which is VALUABLE to you. 3. The reward of …

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