Deliberately INVEST in the people

Visionary leaders in business or in families always , deliberately INVEST in the people they lead so as to transform them from LIABILITIES TO ASSET and to process them from RAW materials to FINISHED products

This also applies to leadership in families .

We know that Every marriage is a coming together of two human raw materials but they sacrificially invest in their marriage to transform one another to the finished products of their dreams

It is lack of wisdom and vision not to invest in your marriage and start comparing your spouse with other peoples’ finished products !

As a matter of fact , in marital relationship, there is no absolute finished products , you are a continuously improving work in progress ( WIP) in the hands of your maker

The reality is that if you DELIBERATELY INVEST in your people today , you will ULTIMATELY HARVEST the asset in them tomorrow but if you FAIL TO INVEST in your people today , you will naturally HARVEST LIABILITY in Same people tomorrow

Make the right choice to intentionally invest to build your people asset today!

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