Every leader has three phases of life

Every leader has three phases of life; the past , present and the future

The past has its HISTORY,
The present has its STORY And the future has its GLORY

It is leadership wisdom to always LEARN from the HISTORY of PAST so as to change the STORY of the PRESENT and secure the GLORY of the FUTURE

That is why visionary leaders always LEARN from the past but never LEAN on their past

That is why visionary LEADERS are LEARNERS and not LEANER

This LEARNING helps leaders to always connect with both the LESSONS and the BLESSINGS of the past as well as secure the glory of the future

Learners always gradually build experience and HINDSIGHT as they learn from the past and also the FORESIGHT to connect with the glory of the future

On the other hand those who LEAN on the past are tied to their past and hindered from experiencing the glory of the future

Be a lifetime LEARNER as a leaders and chart a path of an ever shining light for self

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