It is wisdom to be original and authentic

If you desire excellence in leadership, it is wisdom to be original and authentic instead of being fake and synthetic!

I have learnt by experience that THE BEST WAY TO BE YOUR BEST IS TO BE YOUR SELF

I have also learnt from experience that you can never be authentic in wisdom if you always accept all you learn from great minds as FINISHED PRODUCTS to simply ADOPT in life instead of taking them as RAW MATERIALS to ADAPT to life .

You can learn from great minds to improve on yourself but for you to be the best God has created you to be , you must take all you learn as RAW MATERIALS to be processed and not FINISHED products to be applied

That is why , Sometimes , what works for others 100% may not work for you 100% not because the PRINCIPLE is wrong but because the PRACTICE is not always meant to be the same under ALL CONDITIONS

You are created as original by God , do not live like a photocopy on earth .

Be your self to be the best in life

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