Maximizing your strength and minimize your weaknesses

Everyone in life has both strength and weaknesses but the one that is dominant is the one that defines each one in the eyes of the world

Every weak person has elements of strength inside of him/her and every strong person have traces of weaknesses in his/her life

It is your duty to maximize your strength and minimize your weaknesses so as to project the dominance of strength to define your life

What the world see of you is what the world wants to believe you are .

However, how you see yourself and carry yourself only validates how the world sees you

Great leaders know their areas of strength and maximize their strength to minimize their weaknesses

If you want to go far in life , never advertise your weaknesses because whatever you advertise is what people see and make of you

If you are weak in any areas of life , instead of exposing your weaknesses in the market place of life , look for someone who has strength in the area you have weakness and learn from them on how you can turn your weaknesses to strength

If you have strength in any area of life , look for someone higher and better than you to associate with so that you can grow in strength and grace

In the school of life , no one is an island and to stay alone is to miss a lot

Make up your mind to turn your weaknesses to strength and stop marketing your weaknesses to the world

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