Relationship Tips!


1. A good home is better than a good house . You can have both but do not sacrifice the joy of your marital home on the altar of the hassles to acquire a beautiful , well furnished house for the family

2. Every path to true success in life has a ladder . Make sure your ladder to success is resting on the right wall , otherwise your success is not sustainable . Deep family relationship is a solid wall that enduring success in life and ministry can rest on today and not harvest regrets tomorrow.

3. No home is built with finished product but every enviable home is consciously built with raw materials . It is you that will consciously work on your spouse as the raw materials to help him or her become the finished product people will see and admire . Do not look at the finished products of other marriages and start comparing your spouse to others . Seat down to pay the price of investing in processing your spouse from raw materials to finished product. There is no better place outside , do not take the line of least resistance !

4. Money only has meaning in the home when each spouse invest their time in building their relationship around things that money cannot buy . For example those who build their ministry at the expense and neglect of their family relationship, always reap the harvest of the trouble in both the family and the ministry. Many great men and women of God have secret regrets later in life because they did not invest in their family while pursuing success in ministry. Your case is different!

5. Communication in relationships is not about HEARING your spouse talk it is about LISTENING to understand when your spouse is talking . Many spouses do not have time to communicate in their relationship and when they do , they either (1) hear the other talk without actually listening to what is being said or (2) they listen only with the intention to speak /respond and not listen to understand first before responding . I am guilty of this too and I am making efforts to improve in my listening skills.

I hope these tips are a blessing to you . If it is not , I will try and do better next time as God gives grace and revelation.

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