Taking That Step Of Faith


I was having a conversation with someone this evening on a particular kingdom project that needs to be done and I saw obstacles and limitations that would naturally hinder the project .
Suddenly, I remembered that every obstacle of fear is an enemy of faith and that the only way to walk with God is to walk by faith .

I also remembered that Faith is fake if it waits to see the coast clear before it sees the opportunities move ahead .

I reckoned that genuine walk of faith is seeing ahead of the dark cloud of limitation as if it does not exist because it will certainly not exist as you advance ahead by faith !

I am so certain that your Faith in God can take you beyond the limit of limitations and advance you to the realm of seamless opportunities others cannot see

Do you know that No prophesy or promises of God concerning you will fulfill itself without your step of faith and walk with God?

Between the prophesy or divine promise and performance or manifestation, is a kingdom responsibility of TAKING THE STEP OF FAITH

Let me explain this in mathematical terms that

divine manifestation = divine revelation x step of faith .

That means that , No matter the revelation of a great future you have , if you fail to take the required step of faith , there can be no manifestation. It is not because God is not committed to fulfilling His promises to you but because you have failed to take the step of faith that turns promises to performance . Until and unless that step is taken that vision God gave you might end up as a day dream!

The truth is that every faith without step of faith is fake .

It is the step of faith that graduates into walk of faith and people that make impart in the kingdom and have great walk of faith with God are people who are not afraid to take the step of faith no matter how seemingly uncertain it appears .

I do not know what vision God has given you and you are waiting on God for manifestation, I make bold to let you know that God is waiting on you to take the first step of faith . The read sea did not part because the children of Israel were crying , it did not part just because God said so , the Red Sea parted when Moses led the children of Israel to MOVE FORWARD by faith despite the odds in front and behind .

Until you move by faith to take the battle to the gates of your enemy, you will not see the strength of God revealed because He is only strength to them that TURN the battle to the gates

I therefore challenge you today : If you believe God , take that step of faith and do what He asked you to do because if you do not take that step , it means that you do not believe God !

I therefore urge you to Take that step of faith today and you will see how God will turn your step into a walk of faith for exploits in life and life’s endeavors

Stay blessed in Jesus name .

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