The place of Grace In Life

Grace has a place in life and age also has its place in every life

What you make of your life is not a function of your age but that of your Grace because Grace is certainly not by age .

That is why people can be classmates and age mates but are never Grace mates.

In fact, your age does not affect your Grace but the Grace you carry certainly determines your exploits in life irrespective of your age .

A child with Grace can command greater exploits than an adult without Grace and as we know, It is the Grace you carry that determines your speed in the race of life .

Life is a race and there is a relationship connecting your age , your Grace and the outcome of your race.

The race may be longer with age but always faster with Grace

A life without requisite Grace is a clear definition of a life of frustration and stagnation.

Don’t be envious of the exploits of the person who carries Grace, It is not his fault, It is his time !!!

Rather than being envious, genuinely appreciate the Grace of God in the lives of the persons that carry Grace so that your own Grace can flow to you by divine connection

No one goes higher and faster in life without connection to higher Grace (either released from God directly or through people of higher Grace. )

Friends, Grace is in levels and it can grow, increase or decrease depending purely on what you do and who you associate with.

May your life connect with Grace today and May your Grace shift level to take you forward and upward in Jesus name.

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