Wisdom Nugget from the Word of God

Are you going through secret storms in life and you cannot even share with your closet friend or associate? You are not alone , no one knows but God knows

Sometimes, you make up your smiles to cover what you are going through in the inside of you .

Do not ever think of giving up !

Giving up sometimes appear to be The only option but before you take that option , let me tell you that The devil wants you to give up because he is afraid of what your future holds .

The devil was afraid of the great exploits Jesus was going to do at the other side of the seas , then he caused a ravaging storm to prevent him from crossing over to the other side of the sea .

The storm could not stop Jesus and the storm cannot stop you either because you are hidden in Christ in God.

I don’t know who I am talking to this morning , but know this , the devil brings storms your way because he is afraid of your future .

Therefore to be intimidated by the one who is actually intimated by what your future hold is an abuse of revelation and redemption.

That marriage of yours has a future to be an enviable definition of an excellent Christian home on earth . That is the reason you are experiencing that storms in that marriage to stop you .

If you don’t stop the devil , he will stop you . Before the devil stops you , stop him by consciously believing what God says about you and disagreeing with the every suggestion of the devil

Refuse to give up and refuse to take any suggested alternative solution outside the revealed word of God

The antidote to any storm of life is the revealed word of life from the mouth of God .

Each time you decide to ignore the storm and locate Jesus in your boat , you will locate the needed word of revelation from the mouth of Jesus .

Even when it appears your world is being turn to pieces , turn to the Prince of peace to speaks peace to your situation .

The Prince of peace has enough peace for all those who come to him for help. If you don’t come, it is not His fault but your choice

Any time you agree with the suggestions of the devil , are are disagreeing with the revelational word of God .

It is not your situation that determines your fate in life but it is your faith in God that determines your fate in life .

I stand on the authority in the revealed word of God and I speak to that stormy situation, that in the name of Jesus Christ, that storm of life expires right now.

That storm will not see your end but you will see the end of that storm in the name of Jesus.

Congratulations, if you don’t give up in the midst of the storm, your glorious victory over that storm is guaranteed.

God bless you

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