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Giving excuses for failure does not change it from the failure it is. Failure is failure no matter the excuse or reasons for the failure

Justifying your failure because other people failed does not mean that there are no people who succeeded where you failed.

Everybody may fail but you can decide to succeed because you are not everybody but you are somebody

They may console you that anybody can fail. Politely turn down such consolation by declaring that you are not anybody and so you are exempted

If you can dare to succeed you will be the example of those exempted from failure where others failed.

If you failed like any other mortal being, do not stay at the point of your failure, pointing fingers of excuses at other people or unfavorable circumstances as your reason for failure.

Leave all such justifications for failure on crucibles of the past.

Pick up yourself from the point of failure, learn valuable lessons on why you failed and begin more intelligently.

If you failed, don’t give up ! Get up and try again with better understanding

The fact that you failed does not make you a failure. You are only a failure when you fail to rise up from your point of failure and begin more intelligently

Most successful people you see today, once had a history of failure which they used as stepping stones to success rather than stumbling blocks on their paths of destiny.

As you apply your heart to wisdom and trust in the unfailing love of the Holy Spirit, God will turn your failures to success, your trials to triumphs and the mess of your past to the message of hope to your generation in Jesus Name.

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